1. VEHICLE: The rented vehicle includes the tires, tools, accessories and documents (i.e. OR/CR, LTFRB Memo, Driver’s Guidelines). The vehicle provided by Diamond is in good condition and may only be operated by an Authorized Driver.
  2. AUTHORIZED DRIVER: Only the renter and the following people who are 23-75 years old, with a valid driver’s license and have the renter’s permission to operate the vehicle are considered Authorized Drivers, to wit:
    • “Additional Drivers “ whose names are indicated in this agreement.
  3. RESTRICTIONS: The vehicle shall not be operated in any of the following manner or condition:
    • Overloading the vehicle beyond its specified maximum capacity in terms of weight, size and number of passengers.
    • Transporting and/or smuggling illegal goods, contrabands, illegal drugs and hazardous or explosive materials/substances;
    • Speed contests or any form of racing;
    • Off road or operating the vehicle in areas that are not passable for any four-wheeled vehicles, such as, but not limited to, hills and mountains and areas with lahar;
    • Flooded areas, using, parking or attempting to use the vehicle under flooded or prone to flood areas;
    • Driving without license or with an expired license, or allowing any individual who is not considered an Authorized Driver as defined in this agreement to operate the vehicle;
    • Driving without complete rest or sleep of at least eight (8) hours within the last twenty-four (24) hours;
    • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or other substances that impairs the ability to drive;
    • Smoking cigarettes inside the rented vehicle
    • Allowing the vehicle to be carried on a ferry or boat of any kind for the purpose of transporting the vehicle across any body of water such as lakes, rivers and seas;
    • Transporting goods in violation of customs regulation or in any other illegal manner;
    • Leaving the vehicle and failing to remove the keys, close and lock all doors, windows and the trunk;
    • Operating a vehicle with manual transmission by a someone who does not know how to operate a vehicle a manual transmission;
    • Unnecessary driving habit (Riding the clutch) that may cause burnt clutches.
    • Vandalizing the vehicle or allowing and/or causing the vehicle to be vandalized;
    • Damaging the vehicle or allowing and/or causing the vehicle to be damaged;
    • Obtaining the vehicle on the basis of false and/or misleading information;
    • Operating the vehicle or allowing the vehicle to be operated in a reckless or negligent manner whether or not such action results to any damage to property or personal injury to any individual;
    • Operating the vehicle as a means to commit or during the commission of a felony or crime;
    • Allowing, in any manner, the vehicle to be stolen; and
    • Abusing or overusing the vehicle.

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