About Us


Diamond Rent-a-Car Group (DRCG) offers the most comprehensive fleet management solution available in today’s market. The group is a consolidation of the services of Diamond Rent A Car (DRAC), Diamond Fleet Solutions Services, Inc. (DFSSI), Pronto! Auto Services (Pronto), GetSmart Rent a Car (GetSmart). The group provides comprehensive fleet solutions catering mostly to multinationals and top local corporations as well as to individuals needing self-drive or shuttle transportation. DRCG has over 3,000 vehicles in its fleet system of which of which more than 1,100 units are owned by DRAC and the balance owned by by clients.

Partnering with DRCG: A strategic business decision

– Focus on Core Business. Through outsourcing of non-core business activities like fleet management, clients may focus and concentrate better on their core business activities.

– Lower Cost Structure. DRCG has the capability to manage clients’ fleet at a lower cost through economies of scale, a more efficient business structure, and leverage in fleet-related sourcings.

– Risk and Cost Reduction. With DRCG, clients need not worry about missed deadlines on registration or insurance renewal and mishandled insurance claims that can be very costly. Similarly, a missed out preventive maintenance schedule can be costly and and may render the unit unsafe. All of these are monitored and managed professionally by DRCG.

– Operating Lease/Off-Balance Sheet. Operating lease, an off-balance sheet financing, improves financial ratios like Return-on-Asset and Debt-to-Equity.

– Simplified Administrative Work. Leasing simplifies clients’ accounting and budgeting routines. Instead of keeping track of depreciation, loan payment, interest expense, insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance, and registration cost, they simply record a single amount of rent expense when they are billed monthly.

– Safe Driving. DRCG prescribes rigid processes in hiring and training of its drivers. Each driver is required to undergo safe driving seminar twice a year. They are oriented thoroughly on professional dealing with clients. Additionally, the drivers undergo drug testing quarterly.

Vision Statement

We aim to maintain leadership in vehicle rentals by Delivering to clients customized solutions rendered via highest possible form of service and competitive rental rates or fees; Providing our employees with opportunities for continuous personal development, fair compensation, good working conditions, and treating them with dignity; Fostering mutually-beneficial and long-term relationship with our suppliers and other business partners; Conducting all business transactions and processes in innovative and excellent ways; and Delivering a healthy rate of return to sustain continuous growth and pay fair dividends to stockholders.

Shared Values

In the pursuit of its goals, the actions and behaviours of the the members of the organization must a adhere to its Shared Values as defined below:

We focus our efforts towards full satisfaction of customers’ expectations.

We adhere to moral and ethical standards like compliance with the laws and regulations, fairness and honesty in all dealings, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and delivery of promises and commitments.

We voluntarily help others in the pursuit and achievement of common goals.

We do the right things right in the best way we can.

We finish tasks at the earliest possible time.

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